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Here at Poppy's Candy Store we don't just provide candy carts or popcorn machines for your weddings or party. Why not give the gift of sweets. For any occasion or seasonal holiday we can provide the perfect treat for that special person in your life. We can also cater for childrens birthday parties with sweetie cones or tubs made to order. Working with Lush-Ness Balloons Inverness we can make your party bags stand out from the crowd. Please either contact us through the contact us link or email poppyscandystore@btinternet.com with any enquiries you may have.

Our party cones/tubs can also be catered for those with intolerances to gluten, wheat, milk and soy allergies. Please let us know of any allergies for any bookings, so we can make sure that the sweets cones/tubs are labelled appropriately.

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